BTS - ON (Feat. Sia)
Sia - My Old Santa Claus
Sia - Round and Round
Sia - Sing For My Life
Destiny - TV Is My Parent
TV Is My Parent Trailer
Soon We'll Be Found
Hace 11 años
The Girl You Lost
Hace 11 años
Sia - Breathe Me
Hace 12 años
Sia Sunday Video
Hace 12 años
Sia Pictures Video
Hace 12 años
Hace 12 años
Taylor Vossen
Taylor Vossen Hace 15 horas
I wish I could sing like her, but I'm to scared to sing outloud 🙁
솔솔 Hace 15 horas
Jimmy Purba
Jimmy Purba Hace 16 horas
Keren uiiii... 😍😘
Risa 23
Risa 23 Hace 16 horas
N. A.
N. A. Hace 16 horas
So everyone is just ignoring the fact that Sia was actually in this video towards the end with her entire face showing!?
Clar 2019
Clar 2019 Hace 17 horas
I really like Sia's voice
Joseph K
Joseph K Hace 17 horas
Sia might be the only artist who constantly reminds us that look and appearance is the last thing you need to become a true artist. Her music is all about her talent and her message to the world. I will always love you. 🥰🥰
J Javillo
J Javillo Hace 17 horas
Love the uniqueness of this collaboration
Cristina Cañizares
Cristina Cañizares Hace 18 horas
Cuando era más pequeña Sia la ponía hacer bailes más adultos y ahora con más años la pone hacer bailes más infantes ...aunque debo admitir que maddie lo hace de maravilla no importa que personaje represente
Hager Abd El-Hameed
Hager Abd El-Hameed Hace 18 horas
I love u Sia
Tamiris Silva
Tamiris Silva Hace 18 horas
Esse clip meu deus, que perfeição 😍
ain wol
ain wol Hace 19 horas
its lgbt
belo soares
belo soares Hace 19 horas
Jhoniel Desabille
Jhoniel Desabille Hace 19 horas
This is such an inspiring story
Jhoniel Desabille
Jhoniel Desabille Hace 19 horas
This is such an inspiring story
Alex Chamberlin
Alex Chamberlin Hace 19 horas
Hi Sia
MrSeaSquirtz Hace 19 horas
Sia, I didn't understand what made you want to stop touring because you clearly have a fantastic rapport with the audience when you are 'Sia the singer' on stage but having listened to the story about having your personal space/downtime invaded by somebody uninvited upset me. It sounded scary. Made me feel upset for you. You did right to verbalize your boundaries so you shouldn't apologize for doing so. You are sensitive. Other people wouldn't understand sensitivty to another person's needs if it hit them over the head with a barge pole....they need you to spell it out for them. I'm sorry the record company forced you to do stuff when you are so tired.
Vicki gacha 1
Vicki gacha 1 Hace 20 horas
How do you do that songs with all that people while quarantine??
Lizeth Pacheco
Lizeth Pacheco Hace 18 horas
Don't ask, just enjoy it
Vicki gacha 1
Vicki gacha 1 Hace 19 horas
@Justin Eissa Garcia but she posted it 2 weeks ago
Justin Eissa Garcia
Justin Eissa Garcia Hace 19 horas
It was made before quarintine
Abisha Fazal
Abisha Fazal Hace 20 horas
We've got to admit this collab just didn't fit together
Kawtar Labiss
Kawtar Labiss Hace 20 horas
Wooooooooow I like it is beaurifuk music woooow
parreya ny
parreya ny Hace 20 horas
Super happy! to hear new song and new video from Sia and Maddie. You guys are the best!
Brad Robinson
Brad Robinson Hace 20 horas
I don't see why Sia is getting slander for this tune. People are saying she can do better... Erm are you forgetting this Queen can do anything with her vocals x
Kevin Andrade
Kevin Andrade Hace 20 horas
Stbj Officiel
Stbj Officiel Hace 20 horas
Sia 😍🙏🔥
Sarah Sotto
Sarah Sotto Hace 21 un hora
Omg Maddie😍
6 B BORDON PABLO Hace 21 un hora
Sos re buena a siendo canciones ya me encanta tus canciones
Claire Carey
Claire Carey Hace 21 un hora
This song is my go too! It’s so good!💕💕
glossyjihyo Hace 21 un hora
y'all, THAT right there, is a rare photo, of all our wigs. specifically my wig...
William MG
William MG Hace 21 un hora
At the end of the Lyrics sounds like that gurl who sings Burn and Outside O,O
João Pedro
João Pedro Hace 21 un hora
Muita alegria Sia ❤
Gonzalez1003 Hace 21 un hora
Kate Hudson.
Helene Milagros Nuñez Campos
Helene Milagros Nuñez Campos Hace 21 un hora
Esta canción me yega al corazón todas sus canciones y su voz es increible😘
loslobos Hace 21 un hora
We need this song more than ever... #BLM2
Mia do Everglow
Mia do Everglow Hace 22 horas
Qual parte kskks se cantou akaka
tov 2e
tov 2e Hace 22 horas
I got goosebumps during the entire song, that’s how good is it
Romina Cosentino
Romina Cosentino Hace 23 horas
I love this song🌈
Zunera Akhtar
Zunera Akhtar Hace 23 horas
This just makes me smile 😆
Meriem Stars
Meriem Stars Hace 23 horas
Lucy Cottee
Lucy Cottee Hace 23 horas
This is the cutest shit ever, I love it so much!
EMAD SY Hace 23 horas
لوv يو😍❤
Sardor Isanov
Sardor Isanov Hace un día
Estelle Rodriguez
Estelle Rodriguez Hace un día
i love this song soooo much!
Xanthi Efthimiou
Xanthi Efthimiou Hace un día
I love her!!!💛🇬🇷💛🇬🇷💛
Marcela Scholing
Marcela Scholing Hace un día
Love this new song!😍❤💙💚💗💜💛🎀🌈🌈🌈🙉🖒
Abdullahi Musa
Abdullahi Musa Hace un día
Kaytlyn Nore
Kaytlyn Nore Hace un día
this came out on my birthday...
Roisin O'Carroll
Roisin O'Carroll Hace un día
Im confused,is maddie ziegler and the other incredible dancer (the girl) are they wearing sushi costumes?
Agentwolfblitzer Hace un día
RIP to the ones who cant find this song from the Target Commercial😔
Spring Hace un día
Sia really did save my life
Asyaarya Ruzgar
Asyaarya Ruzgar Hace un día
WOW 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍
DOaa Halim
DOaa Halim Hace un día I am so sorry my sweetheart 💔 🐘
Stephend Segui
Stephend Segui Hace un día
This is how many times Maddie change her facial expression ⬇️
Xilef Leclerc
Xilef Leclerc Hace un día
5,7 million views and 267,000 "Like"....
Isabela Cristina Fonseca Costa
Isabela Cristina Fonseca Costa Hace un día
Sia, como não amar vc??? Tudo que faz é tão lindo😍😍😍😍😍
반백아미 Hace un día
Her voice is the best.
Ramki adkins
Ramki adkins Hace un día
This video deserves more views and likes #sia @sia
Vicky 05
Vicky 05 Hace un día
I just realized that this is the only time Maddie doesn’t have a wig in a Sia video❤️
Life, With Nikolai
Life, With Nikolai Hace un día
So everyone's just ignoring that KATE HUDSON is in this video?!
dee Hace 21 un hora
exactly i thought it was me. I came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed that too
bubble tea
bubble tea Hace un día
she doesn’t get to upload thsi lmao
Stephen Higino
Stephen Higino Hace un día
Kaleth Kim
Kaleth Kim Hace un día
Cantas muy lindo sia me gusta mucho tu musica
gaziz baitursynov
gaziz baitursynov Hace un día
Sia with Daneliya and i change the world! I promise!
Micy Santos
Micy Santos Hace un día
Não tem um brasileiro aqui mds?'😂
Finn N.H
Finn N.H Hace un día
What motion picture tho? Lmao. I love how maddie is still here
إلين بشير
إلين بشير Hace un día
هل أغنية لدعم مثليين؟.
Sophie Elizabeth
Sophie Elizabeth Hace un día
I foccing love this❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ailen M
Ailen M Hace un día
I fucking love this song dude
Sophie Elizabeth
Sophie Elizabeth Hace un día
I foccing love this❤️❤️❤️❤️
AlexZombie 2748
AlexZombie 2748 Hace un día
Camille Bancod
Camille Bancod Hace un día
This is beautiful . 🥰
Hibodjj Hace un día
i love you
Esther Frydman Elkouby
Esther Frydman Elkouby Hace un día
OMG this song makes me feel so happy, I was smiling all long the music ! The song is so happy, and I love the dance, with Maddie Ziegler, I am a huge fan of her since Dance Moms. Kiss from france :)
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Hace un día
Essa música tem uma força 😍👏🏼 Eu sou apaixonada
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Hace un día
Essa música tem uma força 😍👏🏼 Eu sou apaixonada
golx the bear
golx the bear Hace un día
Did people forget about social distancing?
João Pedro Tomasio
João Pedro Tomasio Hace un día
I Love wol
Nur Wulan
Nur Wulan Hace un día
Kenapa aku jadi terharu nonton ini ya?
Reyna Guillén Enríquez
Reyna Guillén Enríquez Hace un día
Guys did you watch the video? Does not look weird? Because there are two children escaping and fighting with Demons. Well, I'm just saying...
MISTY GLOW Hace un día
Imagine them singing this at the Grammys together
Sr. YouTubeMan
Sr. YouTubeMan Hace un día
Sia👍Ukraine 🌅love you💟
jellycloud Hace un día
Maddie looks so young in this😱in “no new friends” she looks much older but in here she looks younger but this was posted after the other one🤔i love the music anyways!
Faysal Yanori
Faysal Yanori Hace un día
🤩🤩🤩🤩Ow yea, I upgraded my headphones. Now it looks just like Maddie's. And I am working on a dance on this song. 🤩🤩🤩🤩
claustrophobic chile
claustrophobic chile Hace un día
came from a target commercial
Willy Leonard
Willy Leonard Hace un día
wish to meet the Sia one day.she be my rock that I dearly embrace to rejuvenate my hope and strength. ITS ALWAYS POSSIBLE.
Tarannum Hace un día
Watching Maddie growing up with Sia's songs is a bless ♥️
Afsaneh Sahafi
Afsaneh Sahafi Hace un día
Amazing music like always 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
urban apologize
urban apologize Hace un día
Seperti mendengar lagu Every day Love milik SNSD, tapi versi lebih ngebeat
Nawaz Ghumman
Nawaz Ghumman Hace un día
Always amazing
Jacques Herweijer
Jacques Herweijer Hace un día
Beautiful! Thank you for this happy making one shot music video.
Smol Mellows
Smol Mellows Hace un día
can we talk about how amazing leslie odom jr.'s performance is in this mv?🥺✨
Cyntia Lebey
Cyntia Lebey Hace un día
C'est nul like si t'es d'accord avec moi
jessi bekar
jessi bekar Hace un día
That was so possetive 🖤
charlotte ip
charlotte ip Hace un día
what is maddie and the other girl dressed up as ???
DARK SIDE Hace un día